Monday, February 9, 2009


It's crazy to think that corporate sponsorship is the new patronism. It seems like the most interesting live projects these days have come about from corporate dollars. In my opinion, I'm all for it-the more people are exposed to great and/or under-appreciated artists, the better. ArtDontSleep and Mochilla's ongoing collaboration with VTech-makers of shitty, shitty phones-is one of the more ambitious projects I've heard of, as they have curated a composer/arranger series that shines a light on some of the greatest influences of hip-hop's more illustrious beatmakers. While that may sound like a press release for an expensive excuse to mix more cocaine and weed than Rick James, anything that has David Axelrod coming out is fine by me. The series runs from February to April with tickets to all shows available online at TIcketmaster AKA "the bane of my existence".