Monday, March 16, 2009

Hammer: Open Projector Night

Being the center of the entertainment industry is a rather dubious distinction in my opinion, but some Angelinos actually think this factoid should one to be proud of. I would certainly be in that group if A) I actually lived in Los Angeles proper and B) if there was more attention paid to screenings at the DGA instead of the Coffee Bean across the street when Paris or LiLo happen to come by. All bitterness aside, the Hammer Museum does have a rather clever and egalitarian event looming on the horizon. Their Open Projector Night is an event wherein people sign up to screen their short films while the crowd decides how much of it to play. The only way to determine this, however, is to weigh the cheers and the boos and hope your short isn't the one to cause a riot because some type nerds protest against your use of Cooper Black or Wingdings on the opening titles. The screening is on April 9th, if you plan on showing your work, make sure it was locally made and that you bring a thick skin and some brass balls.