Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SPACE: Hipster Runoff

Interesting. I was linked to this recent post over at Hipster Runoff that is basically a reaction to the fifth episode of LA Is A Nice Place To Live. While I think it's really funny and amusing that they watched it in the first place, reading the damn thing made me remember how valuable spaces such as the one GOOD provides actually are. A physical space where you can interact with human beings IRL and be productive and positive? You might as well be describing the El Dorado if you are at all entrenched in the smug and divisive hipster culture. I recommend everyone head over to GOOD or another space like it and participate in an activity or a workshop. It's actually nice to have a genuine good time once in a while, as opposed to ones brought about by cheap Pabst and $1 Dewar's.