Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All Work And No Play...

I was watching The Shining the other day before I tuned into the "The Bachelor" (seriously) and I was struck by how weird that film is. To clarify, I've always regarded it as a genius piece of work and it's what first got me interested in the cult of Kubrick, but goddamn, that movie is weird. Perhaps it's just the performances of the actors or maybe it was just the novel idea of someone actually wanting to marry Shelley Duvall, but something just wasn't right in the Overlook Hotel. Anyway, someone was clever enough to publish Jack Torrance's-Jack Nicholson's character-novel and sell it as a tangible item. Congrats to Jack. I know there were moments while I was writing where I wanted to chop people in half with an axe, so it's good to see the dude up on it.