Friday, January 9, 2009

Blind Buy: Reprise.

Drop what you're doing right now and watch Reprise. It's been forever since I've blind bought a DVD, but a recent trip to Best Buy proved fruitful because I picked up this Norwegian film. Joachim Trier-kind of related to Lars Von Trier, but not really-follows the post-Dogme Scandinavian trend of taking the French New Wave aesthetic and perfume commercial preciousness and blending them into some sort of sublime post-modern reflection on love, youth, angst, and identity. Let's just say I haven't walked away from a film feeling this good about the medium since watching Christoffer Boe's similarly bold and equally Scandinavian Reconstruction. While you might not come out of it feeling the same way, I'm sure you'll be at least inspired to go out and buy Fred Perry shirts, Cheap Mondays, and Joy Division records on vinyl.