Sunday, April 19, 2009

John Clement Bollozos: Director

Commercial Reel - Spring 2009 from John Clement Bollozos on Vimeo.

True story: I spent few weeks doing prep, shooting, editing, etc making two of three spec ads shown on this reel so they would be done in time for grad show. In theory, my friends and family would have attended and watched the damn thing with a room full of strangers and after the last frame, the lights would have gone up and two models would have placed me on their shoulders while the rest of the crowd chanted my name-save for the agents and production company reps who were too busy writing my checks. In reality, my friends and I went off to buy alcohol and came back seconds after the whole thing was over with. Oh well. It's now online to be seen by the six billion people who missed it the first time. Enjoy, hos.

P.S. It can be seen in HD if you click through the Vimeo link.