Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beautification Software

It's kind of a trip to think that everyone you knew was once all about shit like MS Paint and Paint Shop Pro. At a time when almost everyone I know is an expert at Photoshop, it's really funny to look back and think about when people were tripping out over the Emboss Filter. Flash forward to now and we've got computer software from Israel that algorithmically beautifies photographs of you. Big deal, right? We've got retouchers for that. The most interesting part of this development, though, is that there's a fucking formula somewhere that knows what types of chin or cheekbones look the hottest. And there was probably a team of dudes that did nothing but go through Google images as research. Where do I submit my resume for that job? Save your boners, dudes, this is like MySpace angles taken to its logical end.