Friday, November 14, 2008

Watch the Watchmen

Yessssss. The new theatrical trailer for Zack Snyder's film adaptation of Watchmen is now up on Yahoo! and it just added to my excitement. Sure, comic book movies are getting tired and should be on their way out, but not before we see this damn thing in theaters. This trailer, unlike all of the others, actually focuses on the film's central plot, hopefully making it more palatable to folks who managed to exist over the last twenty years without reading a page of the book. My only concern (and apparently, I'm not the only one) is the overuse of the word "watchmen", which hints at the possibility that they're using it as a replacement for the Minutemen or Crimebusters. Way to chip away at the depth of the text, n00bs.

Edit: Zack Snyder explains its use to the good folks over at CHUD.