Sunday, November 23, 2008

HATING: Cinespace

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I'm not saying that I've never gone to Cinespace. I've been there a few times and apparently, a few times is enough for me to realize I shouldn't go there without an eight ball of coke in hand. But I have to say, it feels good to hear that someone did a good set there, and that the set didn't consist of a greasy haired dude or dudette rocking a leather jacket and an iPod. We're getting to the end of 2008 here, folks: we've got a black President and people should admit that Misshapes and the twins from Good Charlotte have no right to be on the tables.

Anyway, the set in question comes from Laidback Luke, who brought some house (it gets electro-y here and there) to what I've seen to be the most arrhythmic spot in the world. While he doesn't go as far as playing house tracks with vocals of dudes talking about how great house is, he gets in a bit of "Show Me Love" in there, which is good enough for me. A clip from the set can be seen below:

Snorlax out!